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Phil Ettinger

 Message From Phil


Hello everyone,

It's been a while since my last "Message From Phil", I hope you haven't missed me too much.

It's heartwarming to know that this website is reaching people and organizations that are far from it's orriginall audience.

We have been receiving emails from all over the United States praising this website and suggesting corrections and additions.  Thank you all.

Today's message is a re-hash of several other messages that I have written and concerns itself with the importance of maintaining our readiness for the possibility of a major emergency.

When entering another hurricane season the feelings of complacency are very easy to get trapped into. Just because we have not had a major hurricane in a number of years is no reason to assume that the coming hurricane season will be the same.  We are due for a hit and the question is not if but when.

This brings me to the jist of today's message. I feel that too many of us have fallen into the complacency pit. We don't seem to feel that it is necessary to hone the skills that we were taught when we went through our CERT training.

I have notified our entire CERT group every time a training is offered and only a few felt that it was necessary to take advantage of these trainings.  I will continue to notify you of these trainings.

These trainings can save a life, please take advantage of them.

REMEMBER: If your life were in jeopardy, would you want YOU to be the first on the scene?

Would YOU know what to do?

That's it for now,

Phil Ettinger: Team Leader