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Hello everyone,

It is so hard to think about hurricanes when the weather outside is so beautiful. But...if you look around the country, weather conditions belie the time of year. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. are happening allover the place. Tokyo, California, New York, Connecticut have all experienced one disaster or extreme weather of some sort.

You may ask, "what does this have to do with us?" That's a fair question that can be answered like this: WE NEED TO BE PREPARED!!!

The information on this web site and the training we get at the CERT training that are give will prepare us for the advent of any emergency that might befall us.

New ideas and trainings are constantly being forwarded to me in the form of emails from FEMA, CitizenCorps and other agencys. What I feel will be of benifit to wu as dedicated CERT members will be reproduced on this web site.

CERT training is changing, and because of that change we must change. I have posted on this site "CERT Training Materials" that was just posted by FEMA. Please take the time to look at it. There is a lot of material there so take your time and look at it.

That's it for now,

Phil Ettinger
Team Leader