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We CAN Be the Difference Between Life and DFeath

As an organization, CERT performs a function in the community that is vital to the safety of the community. We go where far to few have chosen to go, into harms way to help those who have become victims of some disaster.

What is a disaster? A disaster is an occurrence that comes out of the blue and strikes usually without warning. Some example of disasters are a hurricane, a multi-car collision, a plane crash, an explosion and many others.

As CERT members we have chosen to go into such disasters and help ease pain, comfort and attend to the victims until the professionals arrive. In many cases, they may be hours or days in coming due to the severity or scope of the disaster.

We have chosen to do this, no person twisted our arms and forced us to join the Addison Reserve CERT Team.

In order to maintain our level of commitment and usefulness we need to understand that we must keep up with the latest teachings. In order to do this we need to attend trainings that help us to maintain a level of expertise that will prevent us from causing harm to the people caught up in a disaster.

Unfortunately, only a few of us have attended the trainings that have been offered by the county and by other clubs. This has to change. We need to attend.

We can be the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency.


Phil Ettinger: Team Leader