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First Aid
Basic First Aid Skills that we all should know
  Treating a Sprain  
Even if you're not sliding into second base or crawling on rocks, everybody at sometime, somewhere gets a twisted ankle. Come to think of it, you can sprain a wrist playing the Wii or taking out the garbage.
  Here's How:
Do not call 911 for a sprain. NIAMS suggests visiting a doctor for a sprained
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  Treating Bug Bites  
Head lice aren't the only critters that bite. There are millions of little biting bugs out there. Lots of them are in your house right now. Besides cut fingers, used first aid tip of all will be how to treat bug bites.
  Here's How:
If a stinger is present, follow the directions for treating bee stings.
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  Treating a Cut Finger  
Let me just say that there is nothing special about a cut finger. You could use this first aid tip on a sliced nose, a split earlobe or a torn toe just as easily as a pinky finger.
if you'll be out in the dirt and grime it may not be a bad idea.
Never squeeze ointment directly on the cut.
You don't want to contaminate the container.
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