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Hello everyone,

The summer heat is close to unbearable. In Florida there is no lead-up to the heat, it just knocks us for a loop suddenly.

As we have learned from past lectures, heat stroke is a killer. With the temperature in the 90's or higher, we, as CERT volunteers, need to review the information on this website pertaining to heat stroke.

We need to keep in mind that heat stroke is a killer, it is a form of severe hypothermia in which the body temperature is raised dramatically. Heat stroke is a true medical emergency that is often fatal if not properly and promptly treated. In a person suffering from heat stroke, the body temperature can rise to 104 degrees F or higher. At these temperatures, the hypothalamus, the thermostat of the body, blows out and allows the body temperature to rise to a level that causes permanent brain damage and eventual death.

Outdoor sports like tennis and golf, place us in a position to become overheated and dehydrated, either of which can bring on heat stroke. Remember that you need to start hydrating your self the night before any strenuous activity such as tennis or gardening, and keep on hydrating your self throughout the duration of the activity.

Please review the section on Heat Stroke on this website, it can save a life.

That's it for now,

Phil Ettinger
Team Leader