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Disaster Safety Resources

       (Numbers 1-11 Submitted by Bradley Davis of DisasterWeb.com)     

1.   Make a Disaster Supply Kit


2.   Basic First Aid Resources  (Nursing Guide: Basic First Aid Resources)


3.   Getting Your Family Prepared for a Disaster


4.   Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane


5.   Tornado Safety


6.   Fire Safety and Prevention in Your Home


7.   Wildfire Safety Tips


8.   A Kid’s Guide to Forest Fires


9.  Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs


10.  Disaster Preparedness for Pets


11.  Disaster Safety: Every Business Should Have a Plan



12.  Disaster Preparedness Guide

        (Submitted by: Robyn Avery - Media Relations - robyn@alarmsmail.org - https://www.alarms.org)