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1) No action or activity should take place until the winds are down below 40 mph. Actually, we should wait until 25 mph for safety sake, or if Section Leader gives notification.

In preparation for physical assessment (damage, injury, access), all Section Leaders and/or the Deputy Leader should contact and alert our community volunteers to see who is available at that time, and designate areas of responsibility to each person.

After the original assessment sweep, each volunteer should report back to the Section Leader or other CERT member as to what they have observed. If there is any immediate help needed, the CERT person will immediately notify command post or net control who will alert first responders (fire, EMS, police, etc.) The CERT member will then go back to the location and render any immediate assistance without eminent danger to him or herself. Volunteers are only observers and should not undertake any physical participation without proper supervision.

2) After the initial asesment evaluation, all personnel, CERT's and volunteers, should report to their secondary assignment post, i.e. Triage, Communications, Clean Up, Traffic Control, etc.

3) If an emergency situation should remain for an elongated period of time, assignments will be divided and designated for the long run.

4) Remember -- we are all civilian volunteers and should not put ourselves in jeopardy at any time. Be cautious and do not exceed your physical capabilities at any time. Our mission is to observe and report and to give immediate assistance when and if needed. Leave the heavy load to the trained first responders.