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1. Your first responsibility is to yourself and your family.

2. You are not a police officer, firefighter or paramedic. You are trained to function as an extension of the fire-rescue and Sheriff's Department.

3. You are forbidden to carry guns, knives, sticks or other weapons. There is no need, place, or legal authorization for you to carry or use any of the above.

4. If a disaster occurs such as a hurricane, tornado, plane crash, etc., after ensuring that you and your family are safe, you should assemble with your CERT leader and group for additional instructions.

5. If you are unable to contact your CERT leader due to communication problem, you should respond to your pre-determined rally point. 6. When functioning as a member of a Palm Beach County CERT, you should have your issued CERT equipment with you and wear your CERT vest and helmet.

7. Stay within your training and certification.

8. Confine your actions to your physical and resource limitations when responding as member of CERT.

9. Do not start out on your own to perform search and rescue activities. Practice the buddy system as you were taught in class. This doesn't prevent you from using a neighbor if health and safety is involved.

Respectfully Submitted, Phillip Ettinger, Team Leader.