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Welcome back all our CERT Members

Here we are heading into another season at Addison. I would like to take this time to welcome back all of our CERT members that are once again joining us for more sun and fun.

We are also in the hurricane season with several that have formed off our coast but none that have yet to threaten us. So far we have been very lucky, let's hope it keeps up.

As I stated in one of my messages, "Remember, we are the ones that stand between life and death when a disaster strikes."

"Studies show that the majority of people rescued are saved by nonprofessionals who happen to be in the immediate vicinity. 49 of 50 people saved from the rubble of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California were rescued by a group of 8 Mexican construction workers who have long since been forgotten in the larger U.S. cultural narrative of the heroic efforts by trained, search-and-rescue professionals."

If this was done by people with no training, just think how much more we will be able to do with our training.

Check your gear and make sure that everything is in working condition. Organize your back pack is such a way that you know where everything is. Lable the pockets so that you know what is in each one. This is also helpful if someone else has to go to your pack.

There are a lot of pockets and you don't want to waste precious time trying to find something in one of them. You MUST know where everything is.

If you need to have anything replenished, call me and arrainge a time when you can get the supplies that you need.

Also, make sure that your own stores are ready, enough water, batteries that are fresh, lanterns, first aid supplies, etc.

The Addison Reserve web site has a terrific section on hurricane preparedness. I strongly suggest that we all famileiaris ourselves with it. There is a link to it in the MPOA/General Info area.

There are sections on:

1.  Designated hurricane shelters for Addison Reserve residents

2.  Hurricane Check List

3.  What to Buy List

4.  Hurricane Shutter Information

5.  Hurricane Committee Recommendations

6.  Wackenhut Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Here is some more information for you to be aware of:

National Hurricane Center Preparedness Information: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/HAW2/english/prepare/family_plan.shtml

National Hurricane Center Web Site:

Palm Beach County Hurricane Web Site

Official Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness Guide


Phil Ettinger: Team Leader