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First aid review at Boca West

Hello everyone,

Those of you who were unable to make yesterday's first aid review at Boca West missed a fantastic afternoon. The instructors were superb and taught with both skill and patience.

The topics covered were: bandaging and splinting. One of our own, Nannette Fisher, volunteered to be the bandaged and splinted. She performed like a star.

The group, there was about 20 of us, was split up into groups of three and four. Each group was given an envelope with slips of paper that contained a different injury. A perforated eyeball, a perforated hand, heavy bleeding, broken bones, etc. We then decided on a course of treatment and followed through with that treatment.

It was a terrific review of what we will have to know in case of an emergency.

Pictures of the day are posted in the CERT photos section.


Phil Ettinger: Team Leader