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Gene Forrest an Addison Reserve hero

If any of you still doubt that one person can make a difference then you have not heard about the events in the tennis parking lot several days ago.

As he was leaving his house for a tennis game, Gene Forrest heard the phone ring. He debated long and hard if he should go back into the house and answer the phone and be late for the game or let the phone ring and leave. Well, thank G-d he decided to answer the phone. That delay of several minutes saved the life of Alan Wexler.

As Alan was pulling into the tennis parking lot he suffered a stroke. He couldn't move, he couldn't speak. Because Gene went back into his house to answer his phone, he arrived just in time to see what had happened.

Gene immediately put his CERT training to use and knew exactly what to check for and what to do. If not for Gene's quick action and CERT training, Alan Wexler might not be with us today.

I've said it before and I will say it again, "Remember, we are the ones that stand between life and death when a disaster strikes."

Gene, you are truly our hero.

Alan is showing no signs of his stroke, he is at home itching to get back on the tennis court. And that's the rest of the story.


Phil Ettinger: Team Leader