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Well it’s finally here, hurricane season 

Well it’s finally here, hurricane season. The first to hit Florida slammed into the Keys and went up the west coast. We were lucky, so far.

The hurricane season has just started and none of us can take anything for granted. Just because we got away this time, it doesn't mean that we can lower our guard.

In 2004, hurricane Charley took the same track that Fay is taking, the only difference is that Fay, being a much bigger storm system, would need a whole lot more energy to follow the curve into Punta Gorda that Charley took.

Even though we may not feel the full brunt of the storm, please understand that the fierce rains that we have been getting pose their own threat. Florida is known for the ease in which the streets flood. Driving through one of these deep puddles at too great a speed can cause your car to stall causing a situation in which a major collision can occur.

Also, just because it seems to be moving away from us, doesn't mean that Fey can't change it's course and cause a landfall farther south or north and come right at us.

Remember, we are the ones that stand between life and death in the off chance that we will be hit here by Fay. Check your gear and make sure that everything is in working condition.

Also, make sure that your stores are ready, enough water, batteries that are fresh, lanterns, first aid supplies, etc.

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Phil Ettinger: Team Leader